Open Fire Simulation Technology

Superior heating performance and excellent temperature control is the basis of a good cooking. However for normal induction cookers, heating stops when the pot is lifted away from the hob. The pot temperature decrease rapidly and cannot cook food as well as on an open fire or gas. This prevents the wider use of induction cooking in oriental commercial kitchens.

Mantru.e's self-developed Open Fire Simulation Technology can resolve this problem. With this technology a chef can cook delicious food by Mantru.e induction cooker, he/she can enjoy the superior heating performance and control the pot temperature well. This is because Mantru.e's induction cookers can calculate and then adjust the power output according to the pot distance, moving speed etc.

With Mantru.e induction cooking, you can cook as if on an open fire and attain safe, clean, smart and environment-friendly experience. Mantru.e's Open Fire Simulation Technology will absolutely help induction cookers to be more widely used in modern commercial kitchens.


High Pot-Shaking Power

Large Heating Area

Evenly Heating